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MVLE announces combination with Fedcap

MVLE and Fedcap Combine to Advance Economic Equity NEW YORK, NY (March 26, 2018) - Fedcap Rehabilitation Services, Inc. and MVLE, a Virginia based agency that provides community-based employment and therapeutic support services for individuals living with...

45 Stories for 45 Years: Crystal

"No matter what the job, Crystal's infectious enthusiasm shines through, and she's always willing to help out!" Crystal has worked with MVLE for the past six years. She is an essential member of Digital Stream and MVLE's Printing & Mailing Services teams. Her...

45 Stories for 45 Years: Sally

Sally has been a valued employee at the Springfield Golf & Country Club (SGCC) for over 32 years! After graduating from Accotink Academy Special Education program in 1983, Sally transitioned to MVLE where she received employment and travel training. Her ability to...

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