On December 5, Kenan Aden, MVLE Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, was recognized as the 2019 Businessperson of the Year at the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce annual award dinner!

Kenan began his career with MVLE in 1998. Over the past 21 years, Kenan has developed and implemented infrastructure, customer service, and regulatory compliance changes that have significantly increased quality of services and program capacities at MVLE.

After starting as a job coach, Kenan was quickly promoted to a Site Manager after excelling at providing quality service for the individuals at his work site and always putting their needs first. The Program Leadership at MVLE saw Kenan’s passion and compassion for the individuals we support. As Kenan moved up in program leadership, he was instrumental in building new employment partners including Greenspring Village, The Virginian, and The U.S. State Department. Through his support, MVLE has created over 100 employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities in our community.

In addition to his many duties as the Chief Operating Officer for MVLE, Kenan leads our Business Development. He works tirelessly to bring in new contracts and employment opportunities- all in the name of supporting the individuals in our program. The MVLE mission is always at the forefront for Kenan and his work to build relationship and innovate new program models. Through his leadership, Kenan helped to launch Digital Stream- MVLE’s document scanning and management business line. Kenan has built relationships with business partners to support the growth and expansion of Digital Stream- all working to create more job opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Kenan also serves as facilitator for the Northern Virginia Service Provider Coalition. This Coalition serves as an opportunity for service providers in our region to come together and advocate for our industry and partner together.

Kenan is a strong advocate for the staff at MVLE! He makes a point of getting to know staff across all departments at MVLE. Kenan helps staff see the big picture of their “job” and view it from the perspective of our individuals- thinking about the WHY our staff do what they do. Kenan is quick to help out where ever he is needed, regardless of the task. Whether it is serving ice cream at a program social or dancing for one of our Annual Dinner videos. Kenan is quick to step up and say, “How can I help?”.

In his role, Kenan wears many hats. But more than what’s on his job description- it’s the unwritten “duties as assigned” where Kenan goes above and beyond.

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Kenan for 20 years. Over that time, I have known him to be an advocate and humanitarian who truly wants the best for everyone and works tirelessly to achieve that outcome.”- MVLE colleague

Congratulations Kenan!