New mission reflects strategic focus on filling service gaps within our industry for those facing barriers to independence.

MVLE is excited to announce that our Board of Directors has approved a change to our formal mission statement. The new mission statement is as follows:

Creating futures one person at a time for people with disabilities and other barriers, through employment and support services.

With this mission statement, MVLE is expanding our stakeholder group to include those facing other barriers, beyond disabilities. This expanded reach will allow MVLE to bring our expertise to those falling through the gaps in current service options. Since 1971, MVLE’s innovative and comprehensive strategy has successfully leveraged business and community partnerships to create employment and therapeutic support services for individuals with disabilities. MVLE remains committed to serving individuals living with disabilities and believes this mission evolution will enable the organization to seek additional resources and partners to benefit all that we support.

As our industry evolves, it requires MVLE to continuously view things through new lenses. Part of that is growth through strategic partnerships like our combination with Fedcap Rehabilitation Services and developing innovative programming like our Performing Arts expansion. The new mission statement reflects our alignment to organizational growth through the combination with Fedcap and broaden our programmatic scope.

By adopting this new mission statement, MVLE is pioneering the move towards more inclusive language. This expanded mission statement will enable MVLE to reach new stakeholders and is the first step in advancing our new strategic focus.

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