MVLE and Fedcap Combine to Advance Economic Equity

NEW YORK, NY (March 26, 2018) – Fedcap Rehabilitation Services, Inc. and MVLE, a Virginia based agency that provides community-based employment and therapeutic support services for individuals living with disabilities, are excited to announce their combination. The combination, which will be formalized on April 1, promises to extend the demographic, and programmatic reach of both organizations.

“This combination is an incredible opportunity to broaden our programmatic strengths and to increase our collective impact,” said Christine McMahon, CEO of Fedcap. “Together our two agencies, with strong mission synergies, will significantly increase the depth and breadth of our services.  The Fedcap family of agencies is committed to creating sustainable, relevant impact. In MVLE, we have found a partner that is similarly committed and who believes in manifesting possibilities for thousands of people where none previously existed.”

Both agencies were founded on the principle of helping people advance economic self-sufficiency by eliminating barriers and providing precise interventions, and tapping into existing community and personal resources—the cornerstones of achieving equity. “Individuals with disabilities face an unemployment rate over 85%. Together our organizations will be able towards combatting this statistic and forging partnerships that create more job opportunities,” said April Pinch Keeler, CEO MVLE.  “We are each committed to the highest standards of innovation and quality of services. And, we bring a strong, dedicated, staff with the vision and the ability to execute that vision in support of our mission.”

Fedcap and its family of agencies—including Wildcat Services Corp, ReServe, Boston-based Community Work Services, Easterseals New York and Rhode Island, Single Stop USA and New Hampshire based Granite Pathways and Seacoast Pathways— serves nearly 200,000 people annually across a growing national footprint.

MVLE was incorporated in 1972 and founded to provide employment and support services for individuals with disabilities. Over the past 45 years, MVLE has grown to serve over 450 individuals annually from across the Northern Virginia region.

“We are very excited to work together as we create new platforms for service delivery,” said Ms. McMahon. “Together we can leverage our strengths to build capacity both internally and in service to the greater community.”

As with other Fedcap combinations, MVLE will remain its own 501 c3, with its independent identity, but will be folded into the infrastructure of Fedcap’s 3,600-employee base.  Their headquarters will remain in New York, while continuing their outreach throughout the U.S.

“Come April 1, our integration will be official,” said Ms. Pinch-Keeler.  “And we are looking forward to the combined energy, power, and capacity that comes with being part of the Fedcap family.”