Glenda has worked with MVLE for over 30 years. Glenda has taken full advantage of all that MVLE has to offer- from building life skills and workforce development, to volunteer activities and community exploration, Glenda has done it all! Glenda worked with MVLE’s Printing and Mailing department and now works in our new hydroponic garden, cleaning the containers to get ready for planting.

Glenda loves to sing and participates in the yearly talent show, singing her favorite Loretta Lynn or Patsy Cline song. Glenda is a team player, always supports her peers. Glenda participated in the inaugural Employment Curriculum program and prides herself on constantly learning and building new skills. Glenda is a strong advocate and is the President of MVLE’s self-advocacy group, Our Voices Count. Glenda comes in everyday with a smile, ready to take on the day.

When Glenda was young, some people would say what she couldn’t do, but Glenda has always said, “Look at me now. Look at what I CAN DO.”

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