SourceAmerica 2020 Design Challenge- 3rd place!

MVLE, once again, partnered with Dr. Paul Liu from California State University – Los Angeles, for the SourceAmerica Design Challenge.

This year’s project focused on our beeswax candle venture with George Mason University’s Honey Bee Initiative. Dr. Liu and two students from the Engineering Department at the University designed a heat lamp and candle rolling apparatus to be used by the individual due to her disability. Prior to the use of the apparatus it would take approximately 7 minutes to make a candle.  With the assistance of the apparatus it is down to two minutes.  Two individuals will be able to use this apparatus at one time.

Learn more about this year’s project, “Light Up the World,”-

Congratulations to all the winners and participants in the 2020 SourceAmerica Design Challenge. Finalist teams worked in partnership with a professional with a disability in their community to co-design and develop assistive technologies for the workplace. The devices show how ingenuity and collaboration can make lasting impacts for professionals with disabilities at work.

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