Where do we find hope in this time…With individuals like Coy, who started his new job this month!

Coy had been out of work for 7 months when the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

He was referred to MVLE last month when he wanted to start looking for a new job. He previously worked at Safeway for four years. Even as a soft-spoken, shy 22 year old, Coy enjoyed interacting with the customers at the grocery store.

The first day we spoke with the Vocational Rehab Counselor, we found out that Coy had an interview later that afternoon at a local Giant grocery store. We knew Coy was nervous for the interview and we planned to meet with him before his interview.

Coy suffers from short-term memory loss and was nervous for the interview. We worked with Coy to prepare and feel confident going into his interview. We discussed the job position and potential questions he might be asked. And Coy did so great he was offered a job at the end of the interview! He started training two days later and has been working hard this month.

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