Steven– When Steven first came to MVLE in July 2013 he worked to produce the Ability Nation products. Steven worked diligently and looked forward to coming to work everyday working alongside with his colleague to complete an enormous job that needed to be shipped out of state.

Later Steven wanted a new challenge to learn a new job skill. He assessed in other employment jobs and quickly mastered new skills. Steven enjoyed socializing and reading some of his favorite books to his peers. Steven always looked forward to payday. When he received his paycheck, he would shout and say “yes I’m the man”.

In May 2015 Steven pursued his ideal job, working in the community. Steven went for an assessment at the Chic-Fil-A Restaurant in Dumfries and with determination and hard work, he got the job. Steven was awarded the MVLE President’s Award in October 2015 in recognition for his hard work and accomplishments. Congratulations Steven You’re The Man!!!