“No matter what the job, Crystal’s infectious enthusiasm shines through, and she’s always willing to help out!”

Crystal has worked with MVLE for the past six years. She is an essential member of Digital Stream and MVLE’s Printing & Mailing Services teams. Her friendly, upbeat demeanor and personality have allowed Crystal to build and maintain positive, productive relationships with her peers. Crystal was awarded MVLE’s President Award in 2013, recognizing her achievements in her personal and professional goals!

As a concerned, active member of the community, Crystal volunteers for Meals on Wheels and other opportunities in her community. In addition to her philanthropic activities, Crystal also enjoys expressing herself artistically through the MVLE Moves! program. Crystal is currently performing in the MVLE Moves! production of ‘Everyday Oz’, starring as Dorothy. Crystal enjoys the opportunity to express this side of her personality and showcase her diverse talents.

As a strong advocate, Crystal participates in MVLE’s Our Voices Count advocacy group. She thrives on contributing creative ideas, thoughts and concerns on issues that are important to her and her peers.