45th Giving Circle

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Celebrating 45 Years of Working with Purpose

This year MVLE celebrates our 45th Anniversary! With the support of partners, like you, we’ve been able to enhance our programs to advance our mission. On February 15, 1972, MVLE was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in Virginia. Over the past four decades, the external landscape has changed, but MVLE’s passion has remained steadfast. A passion and dedication to ensuring that our individuals live the lives of their choice. Working alongside our champions, like you, MVLE is breaking down barriers and expanding our community to be the catalyst for lasting change.

In celebration of 45 years supporting individuals with disabilities, MVLE has created a special giving opportunity for you- the 45th Anniversary Giving Circle. You are invited to join the Giving Circle as a way of celebrating the difference you have made during the last 45 years, and the different you will make in the next 45 years.

As a member of the Giving Circle, your leadership will inspire others to become a member and showcase their commitment to creating futures one person at a time for individuals with disabilities. This giving circle is for monthly donors that pledge to contribute $45.00 each month, or an annual pledge of $540.00.

Members of the Giving Circle will be able to participate in special anniversary celebrations and will receive recognition at events throughout this year. Funds raised from the 45th Anniversary Campaign will provide valuable resources to enhance and deepen our impact for individuals with disabilities.

Expanding Community- Connecting with Purpose

Since 1971, MVLE has been dedicated to create futures one person at a time for individuals with disabilities through employment and support services. Utilizing best business practices, MVLE will encourage personal and professional growth for people living with disabilities.

MVLE is an internally accredited agency that partners with more than 125 local commercial businesses and a number of federal and state agencies. Our programs serve over 450 individuals annually. MVLE’s innovative and comprehensive strategy is successfully leveraging business and community partnerships to create meaningful opportunities.